Ome Woman Strong Podcast: Episode 3

One Woman Strong Podcast:  Episode 3


HI, I am Charly Ray a singer songwriter producer from San Diego California.
Thanks for joining me today for my podcast series.
This is Episode 3, where we will be discussing the composition "One Woman Strong”. Which is the 3rd track from my album HOLY available now at This was the second song I released from HOLY and it was actually out before the album came out. It eventually became my first number one song on Reverbnation,. This was very exciting! You can find my album HOLY in multiple markets such as Itunes amazon us and UK google play, spotify shazam jango all on my website, as I will be expanding my market reach in to deezer tidal anghami beatport digital emusic juno and 24/7 by summer of next year.

OK where to start with this one!!!
it only took one day to write and record this entire track. The recording on the album is actually the first full demo that I was recording as was writing it. This was the first time that I was actually composing the music along with writing the lyrics and then recording as I went along. It was very exciting because there were so many moving parts in alignment with my overflowing of inspiration, this was probably my favorite recording session from the album.

During this period of my life, I had a lot going on. For one, I was working full time in the studio and the monotony of daily routines were starting to get to me. Perhaps that is why I changed it up a bit with One Woman Strong, in terms of the process. Secondly, I had just had a massive falling out with my family over a really big mistake I made about airing our dirty laundry on Facebook. It was an incident that kept us from speaking for over 3 years.

As I mentioned in Epsode 1, I was writing and recording a lot of acoustic material during this time. and those pieces are very depressing and have my signature sad passive aggressive stamp.
This track, however, turned out to be a very strong piece about liberation and the quest for independence and freedom. I was watching a lot of Wonder Woman during this time, because that is my go to show when I am in a creative mood, and yes, it always has been...

When I was little I remember making magic bracelets and actual Wonder Woman garments out of those old 6 pack cardboard Pepsi cartons. I can't count the times I got in trouble for trying to convince everyone that my name was really “Diana Prince”. One time my parents got me a battery operated little Police motorcycle, This was back in the late 70's, I remember because we lived in the “Old Yellow House”, which is whole other podcast.... Back on track... OK.... so this motorcycle that they got me, I was very excited when I saw it.... I think they were excited that I was excited... I ran to my room and threw on my Wonder Woman beach towel, as a cape of course and I put on my Pepsi carton regalia and I jumped on my motorcycle and took off..... After a couple of hours, my dad said, “DO you like your new motorcycle” and I replied “This is no a motorcycle, this is my invisible jet” Needles to say, that was the end of the motorcycle or my invisible jet. I suppose that had hoped I would immolate Jon Andrew Baker from Chips, which was definitely an option, because even at like 4 or 5 years old, I remember thinking how handsome Ponch was and how I would love for him to ride me around on his motorcycle..... Glenn and I actually ran into Erick Estrada not too long ago at the airport and he seemed like a really nice, normal guy just traveling and saying hi to people and he even took a picture with a guy and was very happy to do so. When I saw him, I thought of this story and I got too embarrass to ask him for a kiss, I whoops, I meant a picture.

Anyway, we got off track here so let's find our way back to the music. The point of telling the Wonder Woman story, was to highlight he fact that this song was inspired my Wonder Woman, and that is why it is very motivational and inspiring unlike the acoustic pieces from this same time frame. And back to how this relates to my family, well, it was the absence of my Mom in my life that was the groundwork for the lyrics and she always knew my love of Wonder Woman, so it was a very easy song to write. I was feeling this swanky burlesque style guitar riff with a pulsing poetic melody, so that is what I created.

Those this song at a glance may seem to be a feminist anthem, it is more about motherism.
Which means....
prejudice or lack of respect towards women who stay at home to look after their children and do not go out to work.
My mom was a stay at home mom, and her job to say the least, has been a difficult one.

Growing up an an Atypical Southern home in the 70's and 80's I recognized at an early age, that my parents were not like other parents. I could never really put my finger on it, probably because I was so eccentric myself, or at least until I was in my mid teens. When I started to grow into my emotions and sensibility, I realized that my mom was actually oppressed. It just took me about 20 more years to realize shes not a victim but the product of self oppression. This is why the song focuses on self empowerment and about the natural power and stats that females have in nature, not just as people but as a multifaceted gender across all species and classes of life.

When it comes to writing about deeply personal issues such as family, sibling, relationships, or even Friends, for me, the songs come easy.... It's actually talking about them later that is the most difficult part. Since I have started this podcast, I have realized how much time I have invested in all of my work and how personal it is. Being able to talk about them and tell their stories has liberated them from the untold truths that make the each an empowered individual.

Which has become the theme of our Episode today... I hope you have enjoyed our time today and stayed tuned to future Episodes of my podcast highlighting all of the tracks from my album HOLY out now at


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