Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Auguste Clown Release Date and Pre-Sale

I just want to let everyone know that the release date for my new song, Auguste Clown will be pushed back a little bit. Sorry for the delay. The new release date will be April 12th in select markets. Also there will be a pre-sale window... I will post that information as soon as I finalize the details. Thanks so much to everyone who has been reaching out wanting streaming and purchase links, I am really excited about this. I do apologize about the delay, however, everything is looking great from here on out.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Two new songs out April 1st

New Single!! Here is the video for Auguste Clown....

Here is my new song and video for "Auguste Clown"... The single will be available for download on April 1st, 2018. There will be an album in the fall! Auguste Clown, is my first release from this project!!! The genre will be Disco Folk, my ode to 90's Vocal House music....
Aguste Clown
I heard a rumor that your back in town
you've been all over the place
I got married and settled down
but I still miss your face
I couldn't be the one to hold you down
you were my only chance to escape
you made a really Auguste Clown
with your sad sad face
I'm still trying to forget you
after all these years
but my hear just will not let you
and I
want to see you
want hear you
want to touch you
'cause my heart
wants to see
wants to feel you
wants to touch you
and my lips
want to taste you
want to speak you
need to kiss you
'cause my heart
wants to see you
wants to feel you
wants to touch you
I thought I saw you yesterday
outside a bar across town
these feelings I can't explain away
now look whose the Auguste Clown
I just call you and shut it down
maybe we'll meet some place
I need your love and I need it now
I'm in a sad sad state

Gone Again

My new single Gone Again is out now on all streaming platfroms