One Woman Strong

One Woman Strong

sing your song little bird 
your story should be heard 
by the whores and slaves among us 
and by the men who have no boundaries 
 and a  disregard of life 
sing your song little bird 
 your courage so undisturbed 
it's to hand ove
r to the voices in your head 
that shall lift you up from under 
this sad life of regret 
cause you are 
you are an army within yourself 
you are the sunlight to the flower 
you love gives me the power
 to recognize that with 
you can conquer anything 
your grievance for admission 
to return to paradise 
has been qualified 

sing your song little bird
 turn your whispers 
into words
it's you who has control
of the world on a whole
you need a better life
 sing your song little bird
 your courage
so undisturbed
it's time to  hand things over
to the voices in your head
that shall lift you up from under
this sad life of regret
cause you are
 you are mother Babalon
you're a gift conjured by nature
that shall not be sacrificed
you need to testify
cause you are
Aphrodite or Hestia
you turn our seed
 into another
to  every man you are the mother of eternal life


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