Holy Podcast: Episode 1

Holy Podcast: Episode 1

Episode 1 Script:

Hello, my name is Charly Ray and I am a singer songwriter producer from San Diego.
Today we are going to talk about my album HOLY as well as the tile track.
Stay tuned until the end of the commentary and have a listen....

Introduction to the album and the title song::
It's a 10 song album that was composed using all electronic and digital resources.
It is the opposite of a concept effort because I didn't realize I was making an album like this until
I had accumulated enough material over a couple of years to actually think about
pulling it all together into one entity.
It's also as close as I will ever come to an inspirational collection of songs.
I think the reason that it turned out that way is because I was writing and recording these songs
while I was working on a very emotional acoustic project entitled HUMAN which is volume 1 of THE HUMAN ANGHOLOGY PROJECT which I will talk more about on a future podcast

What inspired the album?
The inspiration for the album was basically "day to day" issues and living. As I mentioned before,
I never really thought about doing this album until it was finished so it was a very organic experience and as a collective, I love how it chronicles my life during that period of time ... It's a chronological audio diary of sorts...

How long did it take for me to record it?
It took about 3 years to finally gather enough material, and I have only published about half of it.

Release Date? I released it on August 8th, 2016

Markets? Itunes amazon us and uk google play, spotify shazam jango and I will be expanding my market reach in to deezer tidal anghami beatport digital emusic juno and 24/7 in by summer of next year.

Website? Right now you will be able to find everything at www.charlyraymusic.com

Title song inspiration? Holy ....... Initially it was about experimenting with different sounds and noise and I really didn't have a theme or a concept. We then visited Buenos Aries in Argentina and we went to the cemetery there where Eva Peron is now buried. I was taken off guard at how poor the city is and what a mega concentration of wealth that in contained in the walls of that cemetery.
It was quiet disturbing actually. I then began writing the lyrics to the sounds I had created and arranged everything appropriately and it began to take form. I was mostly inspired by the religious statues and the scenery on a whole while inside the cemetery..... Though
my experience was a bit macabre, the song turned out quiet positive and the themes of universal conscienceless formed out of the follies of greedy people
and how terrible the disrepair of what once was a beautiful city....

Some people refer to this song as an anthem for atheists but it's actual about universal love and acceptance no matter what you believe in.
The one thing we all need is peace and we definitely all need love. I am a very spiritual person myself, however I have never labeled or been on the bandwagon of any belief train. I think living in the most organic way possible in necessary path to be on no matter where you faith lies. I hope people from any religion or any belief will be able to pull the true message from the composition and not get caught up on labels or prejudice. After-all the song is about being united.

Thanks for listening to my podcast and here is my song Holy, the title track from my album HOLY out now.


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